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boom beach free accountsBoom beach is a free game released by supercell in 2014. We have released free accounts for this game, which has attracted great interest in a short time after its release. You will have a good level with the free boom beach accounts and passwords we have published. Many of the Boom beach free accounts contain a large amount of diamonds. You can get one of the login information we have published to get diamonds easily without wasting your time.

Free boom beach accounts with diamonds are completely legal. You can use this login information obtained by checking from websites, many of which share boom beach accounts, without any problems. After getting a free login from our website, you can play the game safely by changing the password of the account. Accounts will be updated frequently. If you are having trouble getting a boom beach account, you can write a comment.

Free Boom Beach Accounts 2022

For the boom beach game, which has a huge audience today, many users want an account with free special items. That’s why our website has released free boom beach accounts with diamonds. You can easily reach a good level in this game by getting any of the boom beach free accounts we have published. The login information on the list will be updated frequently.

Boom Beach Free AccountPasswords
[email protected]shirimzad
[email protected]rowmass489
[email protected]keyrodrel78
[email protected]541588241
[email protected]plizrad56
[email protected]2537831578
[email protected]Plaza6331

Boom Beach Account Generator

Boom Beach Account Generator



For boom beach accounts, the generator limit is 5.

Professional Tips for Boom Beach

Boom Beach Game Overview

Our game is about 79 mb in size, so you can download it without wifi. By typing “Boom Beach” in the Play Store search section, you can find the screen below or click the download button below and use the “Install” button to start the installation of the game for our mobile device.

After the download and installation process of our game is finished, we log in by clicking on our home screen or the shortcut between the applications. On the first login screen of our game developed by Super Cell, we encounter a user agreement stating that there are In-App Purchases. On this screen, we continue by clicking on the “OK” button and proceed to the profile creation step in order to access our game from other devices later. We start watching the short introduction, called the intro, by clicking on the “Create” and then “Sign In” links, respectively. You can start the game at a good level with one of the free boom beach accounts available on our website.

What is Boom Beach Game?

Like famous games such as Clash royale, Hay Day, Clash Of Clans, the Boom Beach game also belongs to Supercell. It is a strategy game that will allow you to have a pleasant time. If you are using a device with an Android operating system, it is possible to download it from the Google play store. IOS users can download the game via the App Store.

It is very similar to Clash Of Clans in appearance and style. There are some mines that you need to use in the game. These are gold, wood, stone and iron, respectively. When you first start you will see that only gold and wood are open. As you progress in level, first the stone and then the iron will be available to you. You can upgrade your existing buildings by using these mines. It is possible to improve the soldiers in the arsenal and the materials of the gunboat. The more accurately you use your mines, the easier and faster you will develop in the game. You can get one of the free boom beach account we have published to play the game at a good level.

How to Play with Free Boom Beach Accounts

Many of the users who are new to the game How to Play Boom Beach Game? seeks the answer to the question. In the game, your island is located in the middle of a map. It is possible to attack other islands on the map with your troops. For your attack to be successful, you must destroy the headquarters on the island. Even if you do not destroy any other buildings, you will end the war by achieving victory as soon as you destroy the headquarters. With the death of all your troops or your retreat, your battle ends in defeat. If you leave the war victorious, you earn medals and mines.

The villages you succeed in as a result of the attack belong to you and allow you to earn approximately 40 gold per hour. In addition, conquering the resource bases on your map will also earn you the mines obtained from the quarries in these bases. You can also get diamonds by opening the chests on the map.

Boom Beach Tactics

In order to progress faster in Boom Beach Game, we can list some tactics as follows:

  • You will need a lot of wood to improve the many buildings on the island. So take care to improve the sawmill as much as you can.
  • When you start to progress in terms of level in the game, you will start to need not only wood but also stone and iron. If you don’t want to have trouble with these mines, try to conquer the villages. The spoils of war will largely meet your stone and iron needs.
  • Before starting the war, make sure to examine the island in detail by clicking the explore button. Thus, you can determine which military units are more advantageous to use.
  • Before starting the war, definitely determine your tactics and strategy. Improvisation can result in defeat or the loss of too many troops.
  • Do not try to upgrade all the buildings on your island. To upgrade more than one building at the same time, you need to invest money in the game. Apart from that, you only have the right to develop one building at a time and the development times are not very short. Therefore, you need to give priority to more necessary buildings.
  • Your Headquarters is the most important building on your island. When the enemy attacks your island, they first head towards the headquarters. For this reason, you should make your island arrangement according to this building. If you set your defensive buildings to protect the headquarters, the enemy’s chances of winning the war will decrease.

Boom Beach Resource Base Selection

Finding weak resource bases in the Boom Beach game is the most curious issue for the players. In this, if the source is too strong, never attack for a few days. Then, especially in Turkey, if you enter the game around 2 a.m. and search for new resource bases, weaker resource bases will appear. If your account is not suitable for this, you can get one of the boom beach free accounts we have published.

Free Boom Beach Accounts With Diamonds 2024 April

As we get new boom beach accounts and passwords, we post them on our website. The login information in the list below is updated every day with new accounts. If you need a free boom beach account with diamonds you can get any of the login details we have posted. These accounts have a high level because they have been used before.

All of this login information has been collected by checking from websites that publish free boom beach account. These published accounts will be updated daily. If you are having trouble getting an account, you can leave a comment.


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