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Free Clash Royale Accounts 2022

Clash royale is a game published by supercell with active users in many countries. You have to put in a lot of effort to reach a good level in this game. If you want to access a pro account easily, you can take a look at the free clash royale accounts we have published. You can access the game by getting a login from this list of high-level accounts. Get a maximum of one free clash royale account as accounts are limited.

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Clash Royale Free Account Generator

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Clash Royale Pro Tactics And Tips

What is Clash Royale? How to play? Detail

It is a war game played by using cards to protect the two towers owned. The game, which proceeds with the logic of tower protection, is somewhat similar to Lol. Only the tower protection logic is similar.

You can download the game for free from Google play or apple store applications and play for free. After downloading the game and passing the necessary steps, the installation takes place. Some character cards such as archer, bomber, wall breaker are Clash of Clans characters. Although the characters are the same, neither their duties and power are the same.

Fireball, giant, arrows, bomber and archer cards are the basic cards that can be used when starting the game. After the loading process is completed in Clash Royale, you will be directed to a training to learn the cards and how to fight. After completing the training, you can join any clan or create a clan yourself. You can select a clan from the clan list that appears by clicking the clan button, or you can search the name of the clan you want to join on the search button.

The biggest advantage of clans is that you can request cards from your clan for which you want to increase their level, or you can donate cards to clan members. You can also join battles with your clanmates or fight each other against your friends. You can earn chests from every battle you win. Donated cards earn you XP. These XP points help you level up in the game. If you don’t want to deal with these upgrades, you can get one of the free clash royale accounts on our website.

What are the Features of Playing Cards?

In Clash Royale, cards are divided into groups called ordinary, rare, epic and legendary. There are cards included in each group and these cards carry the important features of the card they are in. The maximum boost level of each group is different.

There are units that all cards are included in, regardless of the group they are in. These are air, ground and building troops.

Ordinary Card

It is the group of cards that comes out of the chest the most and rises the fastest. The color of the card is blue. You can request it from your clan every 7 hours. Thou can upgrade up to a maximum level of 13. You can ask or donate to the clan. However, in tournament and friendly battles, whatever your card’s level is, it is fixed at level 9.

Rare Card

Clash Royale is also a group of cards that you can easily reach after ordinary cards. The color of the card is orange. You can upgrade up to a maximum level of 11. In tournament and friendly battles, whatever your card’s level is, it is fixed at level 7. You can request or donate from the clan like ordinary cards.

Epic Card

It is a rarer card group than ordinary and rare cards. The color of the card is purple. You can upgrade up to a maximum of 8. In tournament and friendly battles, it is fixed at level 4, regardless of its level. You can only ask or donate to the clan on Sundays.

Legendary Card

It is the hardest card group you can find. The card has no color but has the crystal symbol on the card. You can upgrade up to a maximum of level 5. Fixed at max level 1 in tournament and friendly battles. It cannot be donated or solicited from the clan. It only comes out of chests.

How to Develop Playing Cards

After every battle you win in Clash Royale, the game gives you chests. When you open these chests, the cards you use in the game come out. When you reach the target number set for each card, the power of your cards increases by one level. This promotion takes place for a certain amount of gold per level. However, one thing to be aware of here is that as the level of the cards increases, the target number and gold amount determined to move to the new level of the card increases. Most of the clash royale accounts we publish have cards.

How to Build Battle Deck in Clash Royale Game?

Since it is a game with a strategy infrastructure, the battle deck you will create will greatly affect the course of the war and your probability of winning. That’s why you need to pay attention to the card groups, troops and the harmony they will catch together when creating a deck in Clash Royale.

You can use up to 8 cards when creating a battle deck. The game offers you the possibility to save 5 different decks to try different strategies.

To change any card in your deck, click on the card you want to choose from the cards outside the deck and press the use button. You can then switch places by clicking on the card you want to remove from your deck.

Clash Royale Tactics

Elixir and cards are used in the game. Therefore, it is necessary not to waste elixirs. When the Battle starts, wait for the elixir tank to be absolutely full. Beginning is very important in Clash Royale game. When the battle starts, you can defend or attack according to your random cards. Sometimes it’s a good tactic to wait for the opponent to make the first move based on your initial character cards.

If your opponent starts the game and attacks with the DEV, take your time and use your multiple cards that can take down the Giant in a short time eg Barbarians or Skeleton Army. If your opponent uses an airborne card, use your characters such as archers and witches to take it down. Do not forget that attacking against the attack is a wrong tactic. In other words, if your opponent sent you a Giant (Giant), sending a Giant would be a wrong tactic. Here it is a smarter tactic to use the cards that will neutralize the giant and then send the giant.

Download Clash Royale on PC

The indispensable program for playing Clash Royal on the computer is Bluestacks. First you have to enter the original web page of Bluestacks. You can download the program to your computer by clicking the Download tab. After the installation files of the program are downloaded, you can install the game by double-clicking on the installation file in the downloaded section of the computer. The program icon will appear on the desktop or in the start menu.

Playing Clash Royale on PC

After opening the program by double-clicking, you need to log in to Google on the program screen that opens. is After the Google account is entered and approved, you enter the Google Playstore and start the download process to your computer, just like you download the Clash Royale game to a mobile device. After the download is complete, the game is automatically installed inside the Bluestacks program. You can open the program at any time by clicking the Bluestacks icon on the desktop or start menu.

By opening Clash Royale on the program screen, you can bring the joy of Clash Royale to your computer that you can’t get enough of playing on your smartphone or tablet. While playing Clash Royale on your computer, you can take much higher quality screenshots and share these images in social media groups. You can shoot game videos more easily while playing on the computer and easily share them on Youtube channels.

Free Clash Royale Accounts And Passwords 2024 April

The login information we have published on our website for free clash royale accounts may not be sufficient. We have published an additional list for more users to get clash royale accounts. This list will be updated daily with new clash royale free accounts released. Users who have problems getting an account or are late can visit our website again tomorrow. Or they can request a free account by writing a comment.

If you have accessed a clash royale account, you can continue to use it by changing the password. Since the accounts are obtained through completely legal means, there is no problem in using them.


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