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darkorbit free accountOur website has released free accounts for Dark orbit, which is still a very popular game among browser games. If you are still actively playing this game, you can browse the free darkorbit accounts on our website. With the darkorbit accounts we have published, you can access the game directly without any installation. An advantage of easy access to the game, these dark orbit accounts are constantly updated on our website. If you are late in getting any account, you can request an account by writing a comment.

Free Darkorbit Account 2022

Today, this game, which still has a very good audience, is liked and played by many people. Almost everything in this action-packed game is free. You can have a good experience with the free darkorbit accounts and passwords we have created for those who want to have direct access to the game. Since the accounts will be updated frequently, you can get the login information you want and change the password. If you are late getting an account, you can leave a comment.

Darkorbit Free AccountPasswords

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Darkorbit Account Generator



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How to Play Darkorbit? - Game Guide

Dark Orbit Overview

Dark Orbit, one of Bigpoint’s F2P games, is an MMORPG set in space. After you become a member of the game, you first come across three companies that you can choose. These are Mars Mining Operations (MMO), Earth Industries Corporation (EIC), and Venus Resources Unlimited (VRU). Each of them has different features. MMO’s feature is to loot raw materials, EIC is more humane, but there is a chain of command, while in VRU, our main goal is to protect the galaxy as a team. We become a member of one of these companies and we fight enemy ships and collect raw materials from the galaxy. By making money in this way, we try to buy more advanced ships.

The game is quite detailed. There are so many different options that it is impossible to see ships with the same configuration as others. As you start you get some Uridium, some credits and a small ship. Then you need to increase your money by collecting mines or doing quests. After that, you try to reach higher levels with more advanced ships and weapons. You can find free darkorbit accounts on our website.

Choose your tactics and send your enemy into the darkness of space

There are various clans in the game and you can join these clans if you want. The battle screen is pretty good for a browser game and the animations are interesting too. Since all the movements are in real time, you can see the movements of other users and talk to them. The sounds are quite suitable for a space game and very good for a browser-based game.

The interesting thing is that you have the chance to win 10,000 euros once a month with Dark Orbit. The money you earn is deposited into your bank account. The ultimate for a browser game, Dark Orbit is a must-try and immersive production. Free darkorbit accounts equipped with professional items are now published on our website.

How to Download Dark Orbit?

DarkOrbit is a free space themed flash game played in a web browser by Bigpoint Games company in 2006. Unlike other browser games, Dark Orbit game is one of the browser games with the most members. Dark Orbit has more than 50 million players worldwide, although it is played via a web browser. Despite the rich content menu and explanations, the game is almost entirely in Turkish. The famous video games blog Joystiq describes it as a crazy shooter game for DarkOrbit, which is a mix of EVE Online and Asteroids games.

How to Play Dark Orbit?

After you become a free member of Dark Orbit, you are given a choice of three companies. These are Earth, Venus and Mars. You choose one of the three companies and start the game. In particular, you need to play the Tutorial part carefully, which is the part where you don’t pass. When you finish the Tutorial, you move on to the multiplayer part of the game. You start from the map of the planet you have chosen. At first, your spaceship is not strong and durable enough.

In addition, there is an instant chat system in the space that will enable the players to interact with each other. in this way, you can make your conversations with your team and alliance friends from the Chat section on the left of the game screen.

In Dark Orbit, many types of aliens and NPCs as spaceships have been identified. When you detonate (or kill) them, according to their strength, hit points; Grants honor points, experience points, credits and uridium. The currencies in the game are credits and uridium. Uridium can be purchased in the game for real money.

In short, the Dark Orbit game puts the player in an atmosphere as if they are playing in a sci-fi movie, where many levels and experience points can be obtained even though it is played in a limited time.
The game’s context menu and graphic quality contribute positively to its compatibility with realism. You can take a look at the free darkorbit accounts we have published to reach a good level in the game.

How to Download Dark Orbit?

Since Dark Orbit is a flash game played over the internet browser, no download is required. You just need to go to the Dark Orbit game page and become a member.

Registration for Dark Orbit Game;

1- First of all, we go to the Dark Orbit page from this link or the Dark Orbit Register button.

2- Enter the username, password and email information as seen in the picture. Do not forget to activate your account by clicking on the activation address sent to the e-mail.

3- In the next step, you can choose randomly distributed item packages at certain times of the day. You can choose any item according to you.

4- Now connecting to Dark Orbit servers. The response time of the servers may vary depending on the density. It usually takes no longer than 1 minute.

5- Some important buttons such as settings, help, full screen on the top right of the game screen provide convenience to the player. Now you can control your spaceship in real time in space with the left mouse button. Have fun.

After downloading the game you can get one of the free dark orbit accounts available on our website.

Darkorbit Account Free 2024 May

We aim to provide a free login to every visitor to our website. That’s why we publish as many free darkorbit accounts as possible. The darkorbit free accounts in this list will be updated daily. By taking any of them, you can enter the game and come to a good level. Also, some of the login information we publish are Epvp darkorbit accounts. Now you can get one of the darkorbit accounts we shared below and start the game.



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