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dota 2 free accountDota 2 is a multiplayer game published by valve software company. The game is completely free to play. Our website has taken action and published login information for free dota 2 accounts requested by many players. The free dota 2 accounts and passwords we publish include advanced features as they have been used before. For this reason, dota 2 free accounts are preferred by many players. If you are just starting out with this game, get one of the free dota 2 accounts we have published!

Free dota accounts are completely legal. The login information we have published has been taken from websites that publish free dota accounts. You can change the login information to use these 100% Working accounts without any problems.

Free Dota 2 Accounts 2022

Dota 2 is enjoyed by many players because it is an immersive game. Our website has released free dota 2 accounts for this game. You can change the password after accessing any of these dota free accounts, which will be a very good advantage for beginners. The free dota 2 accounts we publish will be updated and published frequently. If you are late in getting an account, you can write a comment.

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Professional Tips & Techniques for Dota 2

How to play Dota 2?

Dota’s map maker is “Kyle Sommer”. The game started life with Warcarft 3. Dota 2 lanes or corridors are available. There are 3 lanes. These; side lane, middle lane, safe lane. If you wish, what are the lanes in Dota? Let’s take a look at the question;

  • Safe lane: In this lane, there is a hero that will carry the team and a hero that supports it.
  • Middle lane: There is only one hero in this lane.
  • Side lane: In the side lane, there is a hero who will act as the team’s tank and a supporting hero to help him.

There are 10 heroes in total in the game. 5 of these heroes are on your side and 5 are on the opposite side. The aim of the game is to kill the creatures called “creep” that come every minute and destroy the “Ancient” structure in the opposing team’s home base. There are over 100 heroes in the game. Heroes are divided into carriers, tanks and support. Dota 2 is very rich in terms of heroes. Also, there are Dota 2 items in the game. According to the hero, it is very important to build items.

A Brief Overview of Dota History

Dota  (Defense of the Ancients) is a game made with the “World Editor” in Warcraft 3: The frozen Throne in the early 2000s. Eul stopped working for a while after releasing Dota. Other makers have tried their luck with a lot of mods. Among them, Guinsoo was successful. Many innovations were blended with the name Dota: Allstars.

Many innovations such as new heroes, new items, forest creatures have occurred. After about 2 years, Guinsoo transferred it to Icefrog. It brought Dota 1, which is still played by a certain segment, to a perfect balance. It was so popular that there were many similar games such as League of Langue . Years later Valve was engaged. In 2013, today’s Dota 2 occurred.

Most Common Mistakes in Dota 2

Thousands of new players join Dota 2, one of the most played games of recent years. New players, who are thrown into this game world with people who have given their years, make many mistakes as their amateurism brings. We wanted to tell you what these mistakes are and how you can avoid them.

Diving directly into the game without understanding the game logic

It is one of the biggest mistakes that players, especially beginners and who are a little more confident than normal, will make. Although we have explained the basic points of the game in our title What is Dota 2 and How to Play it, it is not possible to squeeze such a big game into a single page. That’s why Valve has included a Tutorial in the game to encourage new users. In the training section, new players gain the opportunity to learn some of the heroes and their abilities, how to earn gold in the game and the controls. The Education section, which we recommend to all players who have not played a MOBA-style game before, can also be very helpful for users transitioning from other games.

Not having enough hero and item knowledge

One of the mistakes that new players will often make is starting the game with a hero and continuing to play with that hero or having a limited amount of hero information.

Of course, we should not go too far on new players in this regard. Considering that there are 110 heroes in total, it will undoubtedly take a long time to learn each one one by one. At the same time, if attention is paid, you will see that there are 9 more heroes in a game apart from the hero you control. If you pay attention to the movements and abilities of friendly and enemy heroes while controlling your own hero, a total of 10 heroes can be learned superficially in a game.

It is also important not to choose the same heroes all the time. Just because a game is won with a hero, this hero will allow you to win other games, it is not possible due to the nature of the game. For this reason, we recommend that new players choose new heroes so that they at least superficially know all the heroes. If you do not want to try new heroes against other players, bots that are always waiting for you to play against them can help.

Learning things is a little easier. In the in-game shop tab, you can see all the items and it is shown that when you combine which items with which you will reach the item you want. Compared to heroes, items can be learned much easier as they do not only appeal to a single hero.

Hero and lane selection

We recommend that beginners choose heroes that are easier to grasp. The harder ones will be better for you and your teammates to save for later in the game.

After the hero selection, comes the corridor selection. The 3 lanes in Dota 2 are split between the 5 heroes in several ways:

  • 1 hard lane – 1 middle lane – 3 easy lanes
  • 1 hard lane- 1 middle lane- 1 jungle- 2 easy lanes
  • 2 hard lanes – 1 middle lane – 2 easy lanes

E.g; If you already have a Jungle hero on your team, choosing another Jungle hero would probably be a bad decision. Or if two heroes go to mid lane at the same time, it will take away the experience advantage of mid lane. Also, you do not need to strengthen your heroes in the free dota 2 accounts you receive on our website. Because usually all heroes are good level.

Taking unnecessary damage from enemy heroes and units at the start of the game

This is a common mistake beginners make. Since your character will be weak at the beginning of the game, you should not take as much damage as possible. Due to the game engine in Dota 2, if you attack any enemy hero while next to the enemy units, the enemy units will start attacking you this time. To avoid this, it’s better to stay away from enemy units or use damaging abilities. Also, since you can get a limited number of regeneration items with the gold you have at the beginning of the game, you may need to take a long walk to your base if you take excessive damage.

Not checking the map

Not looking at the map at all will make it difficult for you to follow the game, and will cause you to miss attacks from other corridors or the advantages of attacking other corridors. Therefore, keeping an eye on the map constantly and following the locations of enemy and friendly heroes will help you survive for a while.

You should check the map in dota 2 logins on our website. Because no matter how strong the accounts are, you can become weak as a result of carelessness.

Pushing your corridors early

Pushing the lane you are in without enough farm will damage the tower of the opposing team and will destroy it after a while. While it might actually look good in the early game, we don’t recommend pushing lanes before you gain enough gold advantage, as you’ll be more vulnerable to enemy attacks when trying to get the last hit in the lane you’re pushing.

Dota 2 Free Accounts And Passwords 2024 April

If you are looking for an up-to-date dota 2 free account, our website can give you a professional login for it. The free dota 2 accounts and passwords we publish below are updated and published daily. Because these accounts have been used before, they may have high levels and special items. You can change the password after accessing any of them.

Accounts will be updated frequently. If you are late to get free dota 2 account, you can write a comment.



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