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ea access codeEA Access is a subscription type that allows you to play all the games it produces for a certain monthly fee. We have published free ea access codes for this subscription type that allows you to play new games released every month. With these codes, you can access all games on ea access for at least 1 month. Ea Access is updated 1 time per week as there is a time to redeem free codes. Please use a maximum of 1 ea access code as codes are limited.

The free ea access codes we publish are completely legal. You can play all games published on ea access using these codes without any problems. If you are having trouble using the ea access code we have published, you can write a comment.

Free EA Access Codes 2022

If you are looking for games that you can play for free for platforms such as ps4, xbox and pc, the ea access codes we have published will be useful for you. You can have games that you can play on many platforms by using one of the free ea access codes below. Since the codes in this list have an expiration date, they will be updated several times a week and new ones will be added.

Take at most 1 as the ea access codes we publish are limited. If you have problems about ea play free membership codes, you can write a comment.

EA Access Codes

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What Can You Do With EA Access?

What is EA Access?

This system, which is currently active for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, can be purchased monthly or annually. At this point, you have to pay a monthly fee of $5 and $30 annually. When you pay $5 per month, you can have unlimited access to all video games in this system. Of course, when your subscription ends, you also lose access to the games. At this point, the system also offers you my 10-hour trial of new games.

EA Access also offers you a 10% discount on all games of EA company when you subscribe to it. In other words, after paying 5 Dollars per month and subscribing to this system, you can play a new game of the company for 10 hours, try it and buy it completely with 10% discount if you like it. Of course, you don’t have to buy that game, but it may take some time for new games to be added to this system for consoles. So, you may have to wait even up to 1 year.

As we write these lines to you, with this system, console players can experience Anthem and Madden NFL 20 games for 10 hours. In addition, the artwork named FIFA 20 will be experienced for 10 hours through this system a few days before its release. Of course, it’s not all about trying. This system also has a large library of its own. At this point, the library on the Xbox One looks much larger than the library on the PlayStation 4 console.

How to use EA Access?

Epic Store, which has become very popular recently, has almost divided the game world into two and has caused controversy. The fact that developer companies pull their games from Steam and slide to Epic Store is a situation that mostly affects the players.

While we could find every game we want on a single platform, now we have to pay membership fees to many different stores and we have to take place in different areas unnecessarily. So why? The answer is actually quite simple; ”rivalry”. In this regard, the importance of consumers is taken into consideration in a way.

What about those who do their job well? Of course there is. Continuous campaigns and discounts are good strategies to attract players to the platform. As the biggest examples of this, we can give the PlayStation Plus and the Xbox Gold – Game Pass. Although the hikes make us sad, the free games given in some months fill this gap very well.

There are also different platforms that have been in our lives for a long time. The most important of these is EA Access! As you know, EA Games is a game company that hosts many productions from sports to racing, from racing to war. As a result, it was an inevitable fact that it would establish its own ecosystem. Although the platform has less power than Steam, PS Plus and Xbox Gold – Games Pass, it has a significant audience. If you are part of this audience, the free EA access codes we have published are just for you.

Are EA Access and Ps Plus Similar Services?

Most gamers compare ea access service with PS Plus but opposite Plus is Xbox Live Gold. In other words, while Sony has entered the new generation with PS Plus, Microsoft has responded with Xbox Live Gold and Electronic Arts Access. In fact, EA wanted to bring this service to the Playstation platform, but Sony incomprehensibly rejected this offer.

However, as we reported in a news report we made this morning, I would like to give you the good news that this service will be coming to Sony’s wing very soon. EA Access is a kind of game rental service. However, in this service, you can only rent productions published by Electronic Arts. Membership fees are set at $5 per month and $30 per year.

I would not like to pass without mentioning that it has a more affordable pricing compared to other services. So why should players choose EA Access? Why should players have an EA Access membership in addition to other stores like Steam, PlayStation Plus, Xbox Gold – Game Pass, Uplay? Players who subscribe to the EA Access service gain early access to EA’s not-yet-released productions.

In other words, you can download an EA game that has not been released yet to your console or computer 5 days in advance and start playing. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on other platforms. If you wish, you can try an EA game for free without purchasing it, and if you like it, you can buy it and continue where you left off. The biggest reason for providing this assurance is that it already undertakes the games it offers.

What are the benefits of EA Access?

In addition, you can play EA’s games that have been out for a long time, without any restrictions, as long as your subscription continues. In addition, players who are members of this service receive an extra 10% discount on ea games when making digital purchases on the Xbox Store.

We don’t know if similar services will be offered when the platform comes to PlayStation other than Xbox, but it is inevitable that ea Access will become more popular once the same rights are granted. If you want to access good games without paying, you can get one of the free ea access codes we have published.

Free EA Access Codes  2024 April

We know that many players like to play EA made games. That’s why we have published ea access codes on our website where you can play ea build games for free. This list, mostly consisting of ea access free trial codes, is updated daily. But the ea access codes we have are limited. So get at most one free code from the list. If you have problems using free ea access codes, you can request support by writing a comment.

These free ea play free membership codes we have published have at least 1 month usage. After using any of them, you will be able to access ea games for 1 month at no cost. Now you can start playing these games by getting one of the free ea access codes.



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