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free mc accountWe have released free accounts for minecraft game that allows you to create a new world with your imagination. Minecraft, which allows you to create your own world with blocks, is among the most popular games in the world. We have published free minecraft accounts and passwords for this highly demanded game. Published listings include minecraft alts on accounts. You can browse the published lists to get any minecraft account free.

You can change and use the passwords of free minecraft accounts on our website. Please only take 1 as this login is limited. The published list will be updated daily. If you have difficulty in getting an account, you can write a comment.

Free Minecraft Accounts And Passwords 2022

Minecraft is a very fun game to play, but it is also a difficult game. We have published free minecraft premium accounts and passwords for you to play this game more comfortably. The login information we share in the form of a list has been obtained through completely legal means. You can easily use this login information collected by checking the websites that publish the Minecraft account. If you are late getting a free mc account then you can leave a comment.

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Minecraft Free Account Generator

Free Minecraft Account Generator



For Minecraft Accounts, the generator limit is 6.

How to Get Over Minecraft First Day? - For Game Guide Read more...

How to Get Over the First Day with a Minecraft Free Account?

If you don’t know where to start your Minecraft journey, this guide is great for getting started! Now we will explain step by step how you will survive your first night in two different formats and what you need to do. Attention, this article is ideal for beginners as well as for experienced players. It also includes much higher level details such as Minecraft Maps, Minecraft Texture Packs, Minecraft Mods. Here we go…

Minecraft is essentially a sandbox, and there is no exactly right or predefined way to play the game. However, food and accommodation are among the basic necessities for survival. But here too everything is optional, even for these basic requirements there are countless solutions. Here we will talk about the basic ways you need to survive the game in general and mainly on the first day. You can get one of the free minecraft accounts for a private minecraft login.

Minecraft first day

The only thing you have to do on the first day of the game is to collect the woods and create the area we call the “crafting table”. All you need is an ax, this tool will help you gather wood faster. Then the second tool is a pickaxe; You have to drill suitable holes on the ground and collect 29 cobblestones in the first place. And then 8 more cobblestones, this one to make a hearth. You will then need to build a shelter.

I suggest you to check out free minecraft alts accounts for an easy day at minecraft.

Pickaxes, stone, wood…

If you can find more wood, you can create a “crafting table” again and dig. Then find stones for the mine, also try to find some cobblestones, this way you can make other stone tools and swords. Then make a torch using coal and now you are ready to dig…

You can also avoid enemy attacks by building a cover on yourself.

You can make a bed using three pieces of wool and plates. For this, you have to kill 3 sheep and shear them. Thus, you can wake up directly to the light of the building without building a house.


Shelter is important for your first night, make sure you don’t want to be killed the first night. For this you can make a small hole where you can hide. The most important thing is that you should not sleep until sunset.

Critical tip: Don’t try to hunt monsters from the first night!

When it gets dark…

Monsters are night’s nightmares, so sleeping in a pan is also a very good idea. Also, don’t make contact with any monsters without iron armor and sword. The biggest mistake made at first is trying to hunt monsters from the first night. For this, spend time indoors at night.

If you are constantly being killed, remember that this is your first night, you do not lose much. Forget it, but keep reading the article, we will save you from dying.


The vitality is the most important issue, and if you die in Minecraft, all the gear you carry will remain at that point, of course you will be reborn in another place. Therefore, try to set up your first shelter in the area where you were born, this way you can find the point where you died more easily.

Minecraft tools can stay up to 5 minutes after you die, then disappear. However, some monsters can take your tools and use them against you. As we mentioned above, if you die from the first night, you can sleep in that first bed you made.

Food and Hunger

If you’ve taken care of shelter and vehicles, the second issue is food. The food will start hitting you after a while, it’s not a problem for the first day. But it still makes sense to find some food. After walking around and wandering around, you can see that the “hunger” part begins to subside. If this rating drops below 90%, your strength starts to decrease, if it drops below 30%, you cannot run, and if you are not in “hard” mode and this bar is completely empty, you will starve and die. All the movements you make in the game cause you to lose energy. It is not easy to reach a good level in the game. But with the minecraft account generator we have published, you can access all the features.

We have listed the following movements that will make you hungry quickly, try to avoid them:

– Getting injured; any of this will hurt you, don’t move more than 3 blocks.

-All attacks and attacks, including the ones done to you, negatively affect your health, so try to eat (kill :)) a few living things around without starting a fight.

-If you are on a PC, you can use the “W” key to run or the “ctrl” key on the left side of your keyboard. If you start running, you will consume more energy than usual.

-You will need to jump throughout the game, do this when necessary. In particular, a running jump costs 4 times more energy than a normal jump. It’s a shame, don’t do it.

Shall we start the game?

When you first enter the game, a beautiful view will greet you, look around at first so that you can come back to the same place when you die. You can use mud and sand to mark your spot.

Hard and simple start

If you are standing in a sandy area, you are in the desert, mark your location and start looking for green areas around so that you can gather the wood you need. If it’s nothing but desert, choose a direction and keep going. Desert is useless…

If you are on an island, you are at the most difficult starting point, -what luck- you have to swim to other areas to find Minecraft wood.

If you are surrounded by pink, you will have a very easy start to the game; You are in a mushroom field. Where there are no monsters, at least you’ll be comfortable at night. It can even be called a bonus that corresponds to a small number of people…

If there are farms and villages around you, it means you are in the NPC village. This is also a good area to survive. You can find wood, get accommodation, and trade with local villagers. It is a social environment.


Look around you; your priority should be trees, stones you can see, and tall greenery. If you go for a walk around, start cutting the tall grass and collect the seeds that fall to the ground. These will come in handy for you later.

Your first priority is small trees, don’t waste your time with big trees. Trees are your biggest helper throughout the game.

In Minecraft, as the name of the game suggests, the most important part is the crafting or crafting side of the game. You already have few items in the “crafting table”, but you have to work on improving them. As we mentioned above, after the “crafting table” is created, open the inventory and get the lods you need to craft and try to get them from the trees.

You can obtain wood from trees, you can make wooden chests from the woods you obtain, as above, their colors may change according to the wood you collect.

Different types of wood cannot come together, their working logic is the same. Except for some cases, the working logic of these chests is the same and they can be combined.

Now browse through the chests you have made and start building the crafting table. If you need a login you can check our list of free minecraft accounts.

first tools

At first you need a pickaxe after you get stones and coal. Your first pickax will be made of wood, it’s not very solid and fast, but that’s all you have until you collect some stones. We will manage…

To dig, you need to create sticks, as in the image below.

Now place the chests you created as in the image below.

If you want, you can settle the area here as in the image, since the space is limited, you can fill it with sticks or collect stones and make them more solid.

Now, after you have made your first pickaxe, you need the stones in the image below to be able to do better ones. Now go look for stones, if they are not visible on the surface try to dig.

Then find enough stones to make your pickaxe, more to help you craft axes and swords.

How to download Minecraft for free on PC?

How to download Minecraft for the original PC in TLauncher or play Minecraft online to enjoy the 2009 classic?

Minecraft is a popular game among kids as well as adults. It allows players to explore many worlds, gather resources and build everything. From small houses to large castles, through a world of electrical appliances and other objects. But it’s also a survival game with dangerous weapons, armors and mobs.

Want to play Minecraft for PC? Today we offer three ways to download Minecraft for PC for free. Get one of the minecraft free account generator before downloading the game on your computer.

Download the original Minecraft

Minecraft is a paid game but offers a free 100-minute demo. Download genuine Minecraft for Windows, official site and click the button ‘Download for Windows’. Click on the downloaded launcher and follow the installation instructions.

Open the Minecraft PC launcher and click ‘Sign Up’. This will open the browser so you can create an account. Enter your information, create the account and open the confirmation email in your email. Enter the verification code and click ‘Verify’. Open the launcher again and log in with your Minecraft account. Click on ‘Play Demo’. The demo only gives you 100 minutes of gameplay over five days.

Download TLauncher

This is a free but unofficial way to download Minecraft for PC. In fact, using this launcher is against Mojang’s final License Agreement. It may also contain viruses and malware that harm your computer. It is recommended that you use a VPN when running TLauncher and scan for viruses before running the downloaded file.

Please click to enter the site where you can download TLauncher. Scroll down and click ‘Download Directly’. This will take you to a page where you have to click on ‘Request download links’. Click the ‘Download’ button with the Windows symbol and then the ‘Save File’ button in the pop-up window.

Open the downloaded TLauncher-MLC file. Wait while it downloads and click ‘Okay, got it!’ Select ‘(create at least one account)’ and click the green button with + symbol > Free (no password). Enter a username and click ‘Add account’. Select the newly created account and click the house-like button. Click on ‘Install and play’ as you will need to download the game for the first time. Then simply click ‘Enter’ to play.

Play Minecraft Online with Free Accounts

On This site you can play the classic version of Minecraft from 2009 in the browser, without having to download Minecraft for PC. This version doesn’t have all the features of the latest versions, but it is a fun and easy way to try the classic version for free. You can get one of the special free minecraft accounts after the game installation.

Minecraft Free Accounts And Passwords ( Updated On June 08, 2024 )

On our website, which constantly publishes up-to-date login information, some free accounts may be in high demand. That’s why we’ve decided to add new accounts that are updated daily for many of the logins we publish. The free minecraft accounts email and passwords in the list below will be updated daily. Thus, more of our visitors can get free mc accounts. Please only get 1 as the accounts on the list are limited. If a minecraft account you tried doesn’t work, please let us know by leaving a comment. In this way, you can help the login information on the list to consist of 100% working free minecraft accounts.

Write a comment if you are having trouble getting a free mc account. We try to help as much as we can.


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