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free msp accountsMoviestarplanet, a social game, is still played by a good audience. In this game you can do many things that you can do in real life. For example, you can go to the café and text your friends or go for a walk. While there are many things you can do in the game, some things are limited. For a better experience, you need to be a vip member on moviestarplanet. As a vip member, you can do a lot of things you want. That’s why we published free msp accounts and passwords on our website. Since these free msp vip accounts we publish are perfectly legal, there are no problems with its use. You can check our website to get a vip membership on moviestarplanet at no cost.

Free msp accounts and passwords are updated frequently on our website. If you’re having trouble getting an account, you can write a comment.

Free MSP Accounts 2022

The biggest reason why Moviestarplanet is liked is that you can do a lot of things you can do in the real world. For this reason, there is still a large audience playing the msp game today. Since many players playing the msp game want a vip membership, our website has published free login information. The free msp accounts we publish were collected by checking dozens of different websites. All logins are 100% working as accounts are checked before they are published. You can get one of the msp accounts on our website to have a good time in this game. After logging into the msp vip account you received, you need to change the password. After changing the password, you can easily use your msp vip account.

The msp accounts we publish on our website are limited. So get up to 1 free moviestarplanet account. If you are having trouble getting an account, you can write a comment.

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For msp accounts, the generator limit is 5.

Moviestarplanet Vip Membership Overview

What is MovieStarPlanet?

Msp game is a game made for individuals between the ages of 8 and 15. The game creates a virtual world. You create a character in this universe. With this character, you can make friends, shoot movies, do shopping, share photos or interact with people around you. The game is built on both social and simulation dynamics. For this reason, Msp Vip Cheating Tactics are in great demand. You can experience a more enjoyable game with Vip membership, which has many advantages in the game.


There is a VIP system in the game so that users can enjoy more privileges. The VIP system can be purchased for free, as well as for free with the competitions held in the game. When players buy VIP packages, their names become more prominent in the game and they can enjoy more privileges in the game. Some of the free msp accounts on our website include vip membership.

MSP VIP fees

VIP fees at MovieStarPlanet vary according to the packages. Packages are divided into 3 groups as Normal, Elite and Star. The best VIP package is the STAR VIP package. The current VIP fees on MovieStarPlanet are as follows.


1 YEAR NORMAL VIP: 69.99 $


1 WEEK ELITE VIP: 8,99 $
1 MONTH ELITE VIP: 22.99 $
1 YEAR ELITE VIP: 74.99 $


1 WEEK STAR VIP: 12.99 $
1 MONTH STAR VIP: 24.99 $
3 MONTHS STAR VIP: 54.99 $
1 YEAR STAR VIP: 89.99 $

MSP photo sharing

The game also offers users the opportunity to share photos. Shared photos cannot be shared without approval by the moderators in the game. Non-VIP users can only post 1 photo per day.

MSP message sending

It is forbidden to ask someone else in the game with abusive words, asking their age, asking which city they are from. For example, when you send a message to someone in the game as “How old are you”, this message is sent to the other party as “###### #####”. The message system is closed between 01:00 and 05:00 in the game, you cannot send a message to anyone else in any way.

Making an MSP Look

If the Looks you make are liked on MovieStarPlanet, you will earn Fame, which will help you level up.

You also get the chance to win a free VIP by submitting your looks to the competition.

Getting more likes for your looks also helps you become popular in the game. You can visit Movie City on MovieStarPlanet to do the look.

Become an MSP Celeb

What does it mean to be Celebrity on MovieStarPlanet? Being a Celebrity Player on MovieStarPlanet is a title given to you if you have 100 or more VIP friends. Earn 10% more Fame from Movies and Signatures when you’re Celebrated.

Become an MSP Jury

What does it mean to be a Jury on MovieStarPlanet? Jury members can vote in competitions at MSP. The vote they cast is counted as 1 vote. In order to be a Jury in MSP, you must purchase a 3-month VIP package.

Become an MSP Judge

What does it mean to be a Judge on MovieStarPlanet? Judges can vote in contests on the MSP. The votes they cast are counted as 2 votes. In order to be a judge at MSP, you must get a 1-year STAR VIP package.

MSP Diamond

Diamond is a coin you can only get when you buy the VIP package in the game. With Diamond, you can get special items in the game and use some features that can be obtained with Diamond. These are listed below;

  • Wheel of Fame
  • Diamond Status
  • Fame Booster
  • Shopping Frenzy
  • Diamond Profile
  • Pet pet augmentation
  • Pet pet replacement
  • Special Greeting

What Does MSP Diamond Do?

MSP VIP members; Thanks to the diamond currency they can use in the game, they can have more items and some features.

E.g; Players can spin the wheel of fame more with the diamonds in their accounts, and they can shop to their heart’s content within the scope of shopping spree.

So in order to look more beautiful and attractive, clothes, hair, etc. They can buy accessories.

In short, MSP Diamond; It leads its players to become even more beautiful and climb the ladder of fame more easily.

MSP players can level up more easily and in a short time as they gain fame in the game.

Players who want to earn fame need to distribute lots of autographs, prepare looks and artbooks, and receive special congratulations from their friends.

Players who are members of one of the VIP packages; Thanks to the Fame wheel they can spin every day, they can gain more fame and reinforce their fame.

How to Play MSP Game?

As we mentioned before, the players; They compete with each other on the way to fame and wealth in a short time.

At this point, they can buy a VIP membership and change their appearance with the clothes, accessories and hair they buy in the game.

At the same time, they can win VIP subscriptions by participating in competitions in the game.

The game; It is based on the logic of gaining plenty of fame. In other words, young people playing this game need to make an effort to gain fame.

Players can share their own photos in the game, send messages to other participants, prepare MSP looks, designs and looks they prepare; They can also gain fame when they are liked by other players.

If they become a celeb, that is, when they have 100 or more VIP friends, they gain 10% more fame from the films they prepare and the signatures they distribute, compared to other members.

Players who purchase one of the 3-month VIP packages can become a judge in the game and can sit on the jury seat and score points in design and style competitions held among other players.

What Does Look Mean in MSP?

MSP players gain fame when their looks are appreciated.

Look, on the other hand, means combining the clothes and accessories of the players to show their own style and style to other players.

In other words, we can say that the word look is used in the game in terms of appearance and style.

Players can wear the outfit combinations they have prepared later.

Is players who want to create looks need to go to the Movie City in the game and click on the Create New Look option.

Players; They can create a style and style for themselves as well as create a look for other players.

What is MSP Fame? What does it do?

If players accumulate fame in the game, they can jump to the next level, so they are one step closer to fame.

Levels starting from 0 go up to level 100.

Players earn a new title with each new level they rise.

Players who want to level up by gaining fame need to have their looks liked by other users, the movies they shoot attract attention, they need to decorate their rooms or keep a pet and raise it.

In short, fame can be earned in different ways in the game.

Using the Fame Booster feature in the Diamond Store also allows players to gain a lot of fame. You can choose our website for a good login information. Most of the free msp accounts published have vip membership.

Is MSP (MovieStarPlanet) harmful?

Is MovieStarPlanet game, which is very popular especially played by little girls in Turkey, dangerous? Although the MovieStarPlanet team keeps the security in the game at a very high level, they cannot prevent the correspondence, harassment and swearing in the game. Therefore, it would not be right for a small child to play this game if it is not under your control. As for the question of whether MSP is harmful, it is harmful for a child not under your control to play this game.

A bad incident with MovieStarPlanet in Denmark

While playing MovieStarPlanet, a nine-year-old girl (Anastacia Hansen) in Denmark was sent a sexually explicit message on MovieStarPlanet. The little girl reported this message to her family, and her family complained about this to the police.

Can young children play MSP?

It would not be right for children under the age of 13-14 to play this game alone, but they can play it under your control.

Msp Free Accounts And Passwords 2024 June

All free Moviestarplanet accounts consist of vip logins. You can access the game with any of the free msp accounts in the list below and enjoy your vip membership. The accounts in this list will be updated and published every day. But the accounts we publish are limited. Therefore, get at most 1 login for more users to reach msp free accounts. If you are having trouble getting an account, you can request a free msp vip account by writing a comment.

All of the accounts were obtained from websites that publish free msp accounts. You can change the password after accessing these checked and published login information. After changing the password, you can easily use your msp free vip account.



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