Free Spotify Premium Accounts 2022 | Trial & Premium Passwords List

spotify free accountsOur website has released free spotify premium accounts and passwords for the spotify app that many people love in everyday life. With the free spotify premium accounts we publish, you will be able to listen to the music you want for 3 months without having to pay any fee. Spotify free login and passwords, consisting of Premium trial accounts, are completely legal. Therefore, you can easily use it without having to make any payment.

The spotify app that automatically creates mixes from your favorite songs is free. However, showing annoying ads in the free version encourages many users to use premium. Those who do not want to pay for the application, in this case, are looking for free spotify premium accounts and passwords. If you are looking for a premium account spotify, you can check our website. 100% working free spotify accounts and passwords are shared with you every day. Hulu’s deal with spotify doesn’t include these login details, unfortunately. So the login information on our website does not consist of free hulu with spotify accounts.

Free Spotify Premium Account 2022

Many users are looking for a cracked spotify premium account. But unfortunately this is not possible. It can’t be that simple to hack spotify, one of the most popular apps in the world, can it? That’s why the free spotify premium accounts we publish on our website consist of a 3-month trial subscription. Spotify does not charge you any fees during this trial subscription. After the trial membership ends, if you want to continue, you can continue to use the premium account by paying the specified fee.

These accounts are not login information that can be used with 2 or more people. So you can use it personally by changing the password. Free spotify premium accounts, available as personal accounts, will be updated daily. If you are having trouble getting an account, you can write a comment.

Free Spotify Premium AccountsPasswords
[email protected]pZk476M
[email protected]oiPsal56
[email protected]cupardal
[email protected]newhand50
[email protected]ageofspot2
[email protected]igyzeck35
[email protected]piltiralm82

Spotify Free Account Generator

Free Spotify Account Generator



For Spotify Free Accounts, the generator limit is 4.

Build Your Offline Music List with Spotify | Spotify Guide

What is Spotify? How to use? | Overview

What do we know about Spotify, which is one of the applications that have completely penetrated our lives? It is great to find and listen to the song we want through the search line, but actually, Spotify has many unknown features beyond that. We have brought together all these features of Spotify that will allow you to add many new tracks to your music listening activity and make it much more organized.

What is this Spotify?

Spotify, which was founded in 2006 by Swedish entrepreneur Daniel Ek and his partner Martin Lorentzon, who said that “the CD era is over and albums should be released on the internet for free”, started to work fully as of 2008. In fact. Daniel Ek, who created a pirate music streaming platform with his partner before founding Spotify, later decided to turn this initiative into a legal practice with the support of his partner and laid the foundations of Spotify.

You can experience this application without paying any fee with the free spotify accounts we have published.

Is it paid?

Although Spotify offers free membership to its users, unfortunately, this option does not have an offline mode that allows you to listen to music even if you do not have internet, and there are ads between songs. In order to have full access to all the features of Spotify, it is necessary to switch to Premium, which is a paid membership model.

Spotify offers its users a 3-month Premium membership for 1 $. And then offers the opportunity to continue the membership for 14$ per month. Spotify, which offers a 50% discount on the membership fee for students and reduces the monthly membership fee to 7$. for 12 months if you document your student status, also offers a family membership for 21 $.  which you can use with 5 family members.

How does it work?

Basically, after you download Spotify from the application market of the device you are using, you can start listening to music by logging in with your membership information. There is also an application for computer users. But you can still listen to music directly from your web browser with Spotify Web Player without the application. Let us also remind you that the Spotify application, which is used with mobile phones, is also supported by in-car mobile phone integration systems such as Apple CarPlay, and this means accessing more features.

Believe in the search

The fastest way to find a song on Spotify is through the search line. But in this environment where there is a huge song archive, it is very important to choose the right words. Here are some tips for making more private searches…

Search by year range

You can type “Rolling Stones year:1969” to find the songs the Rolling Stones released in 1969. To spread this search to a specific year range, you should use the “1969-1975” format.

It is possible to search for single album

If you want to display songs from only one album of the artist, you can use a pattern like “album:Let It Bleed artist:Rolling Stones”. You can customize this search with words such as “album, artist, genre”. If you are a premium subscriber, albums will give you a lot of pleasure. Thou can get premium login with published free spotify premium account.

You can choose your genre

You can also use the same format to perform genre-specific searches. For example: “genre: hip-hop”.

Ignore the ones you don’t want

You have the opportunity to add the phrase “NOT” to your searches. For example, if you want to find songs belonging to the pop music genre, but do not want to see Justin Bieber in this list: you can use the pattern “genre:pop NOT Justin Bieber”.

Create playlists

You can categorize tracks of different music genres with playlists that you can quickly create on the application, and you can give names to these lists as you wish. Other Spotify users can follow the playlists you create using this method. You can download all the lists to your device with the “Download” command at the top, and you can easily include song recommendations with similar features to your list from the 5-song section at the bottom of the list.

You can listen offline by creating your own playlist on a premium account. It is possible to use this feature with the listed premium account spotify.

Add your own songs to Spotify

There may be songs that you cannot find on Spotify. Especially songs that you have stored on your hard drive for a long time and that you love very much. In this case, you do not need to listen to music from two separate sources. You can add your music files in .mp3 format to Spotify using the “Add source” tab. These tracks will be displayed under the “Local files” folder.

Share (or hide) what you’re listening to

You can add your loved ones or new people using Spotify to your own social network with the add friend feature. In this case, the songs and playlists you listen to instantly will be seen and followed by others. The same means you can follow other people. In this way, you can follow the playlists of your friends whose music taste you trust.

However, from time to time, you may want to listen to a different kind of song and you may want to hide it. Anticipating this situation, Spotify allows you to personalize what you listen to only for yourself with the “Incognito session” mode added to the application. Even if you’ve overdone it and prepared a playlist of completely “shameful” songs and you listen to this list often, you can right-click on the playlist and command “Make it private” and hide it completely.

You also have the opportunity to share songs with your friends on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. To do this, you can give the “Share” command by right-clicking on the song you are listening to or by opening the feature menu in the application.

List past listenings

One of your friends played a song on your Spotify account and you can’t remember the name of it, even if you try to find that song later. Fortunately, Spotify has a solution for such situations.

In the Spotify application you use on your computer, you can open the screen with the tracks you have added to the queue by clicking the “Playlist” tab at the bottom right, and you can access the songs you have listened to before with the “History” tab on the same screen.

Deleted lists can be recovered

You have a chance to retrieve a playlist that you accidentally deleted for a certain period of time. Spotify, which keeps this playlist for you, brings it back if you want. After logging into your Spotify account via your web browser, click on “Restore playlists” from the options on the left and select the one you want from the list that appears and give the “Restore” command. That is all.

Link your Shazam and Spotify account

Shazam, the app that lets you find the music you’re looking for, is one of those that works with Spotify. If you give the command to connect with Spotify via Shazam’s settings tab, the new songs you find through this application will be displayed directly on Spotify. A “My Shazam songs” list will be automatically created among the playlists and the tracks you find on Shazam will be added directly under this list.

Create collaborative playlists

For example, you are going on a long trip with your friends or you are getting ready for a party at the weekend. For such situations, you can create a common playlist and have everyone contribute to this list. iFor this, you need to create a new playlist and go to the properties menu of this list and select the “Shared playlist” option. You can then send the link of this playlist to your friends using the “Share > Send” commands and they can add or remove songs from this playlist.

offline listening

If you are using Eper Spotify Premium, you have the chance to download the tracks you have added to your playlists to your device. You can listen to these tracks later without the need for any internet connection. For this, you should use the “Offline mode” when there is no internet connection.

music quality

You have the right to decide the quality of the songs you listen to on Spotify. Under the “Music quality” heading in the Settings section; The application, which offers 3 different quality levels as normal, high and very high, can also store the songs you download to your device according to your preference in the same quality. But let us remind you that listening and downloading music in high quality will cause much more data usage than normal quality.

Weekly discovery list

Spotify has a playlist that is constantly updated according to your listening habits and prepared entirely for you. This “Weekly Discovery List”, which appears at the top of the homepage, contains a total of 30 songs. This list, which is updated every Monday and includes new tracks according to your latest listening habits, shows users the newly released songs of artists that they have not added to their lists before or that they love. If you like to discover new music, it is useful to follow this list.

Similar artists

When you enter the page of an artist that you enjoy listening to, you have the opportunity to reach different artists listed under the “Similar Artists” heading. It is possible to discover names that you have never heard before, with this list of artists who make music with the same style and characteristics as your favorite artist.

How to Cancel Spotify Premium Membership?

If you don’t want to use your Spotify membership anymore, you can easily cancel your membership if the fee is too high for you. You cannot cancel your premium spotify membership from mobile applications. For this, you need to log into Spotify from the desktop. You don’t have to cancel the free spotify accounts you get from To do this, simply change the password of the Account.

You can cancel your Spotify Premium subscription in 4 steps. Here are the Spotify Premium membership cancellation steps:

  • Click on this link Then click on the “Contact Form” link on the
  • screen. When you click on this link, you will see the Spotify page login screen. You need to login to Spotify with your username and password.
  • Click on your username in the upper right corner of the Spotify page you are logged into.
  • When you click on your username, select the “Account” option in the menu that opens.
  • After selecting the account option, select the “Membership” option in the pop-up window on the left side of the page.
  • Under the Change plans heading, scroll down to Spotify Free and click the Cancel Premium button.
  • A confirmation message will appear on the screen. Yes, confirm your Spotify Premium subscription.
  • cancellation by clicking the Cancel button.

Your account page now shows the date your plan will switch to Spotify Free. Until then, you can continue to use the features of your Premium membership. When your membership changes to Spotify Free, you can still log in, play music, and access all saved music and playlists.

Free Spotify Accounts And Passwords ( Updated On April 15, 2024 )

Many people want to have a free premium spotify account. For this reason, the login information we publish may not be sufficient sometimes. For this, we aim to share free spotify premium accounts as much as we can. The free spotify premium accounts and passwords listed below are shared additionally. If you can’t get any of the spotify accounts in the list above as the shared login information will be updated every day, the accounts below may be of use to you.

The premium free accounts we offer for the Spotify app are updated daily. The updated list consists of spotify premium accounts that you can use with a trial membership of at least 2 months. If you are having trouble getting an account, you can write a comment.


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    1. Spotify free account information has been sent to your email address. The account can be used for 1 week.

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    1. Your free Spotify account has been sent to your email address. Check your inbox. The account can be used free of charge for 2 week.

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