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transformice free accountFree transformice accounts and passwords 2022! Transformice game, which has been developing continuously since 2010 and reaching large masses, is liked by many users. Our website has released free transformice accounts for this fun-to-play game. If you need an account in this game, which you can play with your friends with its multiplayer structure, you can take a look at the login information we have published. transformice free account and passwords may contain special items as they have been used before. After accessing any of them, you can start using your transformice account without any problems by changing the password.

Free transformice accounts and passwords are updated frequently on our website. This login information has been collected and checked by websites that publish transformice free accounts. There is no problem in its use and all login information is flawlessly working. If you are late to get one of the transformice free pro accounts, you can write a comment.

Free Transformice Accounts 2022

Transformice is one of the most popular free-to-play games around the world. The game has a design that is very popular with many people. You can get an account from my website if you want to get a free login instead of creating an account to browse the amazing designs. Free transformice accounts and passwords are updated daily on our website. However, since transformice accounts are not suitable for common use, you must change the password of the account you are accessing. If you are late to get a free transformice account, you can write a comment.

Free Transformice AccountsPasswords

Transformice Free Account Generator

Transformice Account Generator



For free transformice accounts, the generator limit is 6.

Solution guide for the Most Common Problems in Transformice

What is Transformice

Transformice Crazy Mice is an online game where everyone playing controls a mouse. Our aim in the game is to get the cheese and enter the nest as fast as possible by overcoming the general obstacles. Of course, this is not so easy, there will be many obstacles in front of you and you will reach your goal by overcoming these obstacles and take your cheese to your home. All other mice in the same room with you are an opponent against you. Whichever mouse gets the cheese to its nest faster will be the most successful mouse in that round.

A leader mouse is automatically assigned in each round according to the achievements in the game. The 1st place on the scoreboard becomes the leader. The leader mouse is called a shaman. The leader mouse’s job is to help the other mice reach the cheese and the nest. Each shaman gets the more points he completes in the section. There are some special powers given to the leader mouse for this reason, and he can use these powers to bring you home.


The game is played with the arrow keys. Right key moves right, left key moves left. The up key allows you to jump, and the down key allows you to lean. You can get one of the free transformice accounts on our website right now. So you start the game at a good level.


On the homepage of our site, you will see an area that says “nickname” in the middle. Write the name you will use in this field and press the “submit” button. You are now a guest player in the game. You can read a sub-article to register.


You will see a button called “Create Account” in the middle of the homepage of our site. In the section that opens after clicking the button, write the name you will use in the part that says “User Name” and your password in the field that says “Password” and “Confirm”. After completing the operations, click the “OK” button. If you are going to log in using your username and password that you created in your next logins. (You can make a note of it so that you don’t forget.)


You will see a button called “login” in the middle of the homepage of our site. In the section that opens after clicking the button, write the name you used while registering in the section that says “Nickname” and your password in the field that says “password”. After performing these operations, click on the “submit” button. If you clicked this button, you will already be logged into the game.


Today, I would like to explain to you in detail the reasons for one of the questions that Transformice players frequently ask.

First of all, there may be many different reasons why you cannot enter Transformice. If you cannot access the game with your login information, you can get one of the transformice logins from our website.

1- Could You Have Eaten Ip Ban?

You may have been banned for a certain time by the moderators before in the game, this means a ban. To change your IP address, simply turn your modem off and on.

2- A New Update

Thousands of Transformice players just experienced this problem, almost no one from all walks of life could enter the game. In order to understand that this has nothing to do with you, it will be possible to find out by asking your friends around you whether Transformice is opened for them. Usually I don’t think you will have this problem for more than 30 minutes max. Since the authorities have upgraded the version of the game, it is normal not to enter the game.

3- Review Your Internet Connections

Even if your internet is connected from time to time, you may encounter some errors when you enter the game, in such cases check your internet connections, check if you can access other websites. If the problem persists, give your modem a rest.

These are the problems that players usually encounter. I have not personally encountered any other problems before, if you are getting errors other than these, you can let us know.


Changing rooms: /room or /hall
View titles: /title or /titre
Change title: /title (#) or /title (#)
Vote to kick the user out of the game: /ban
View user profile: /profile or /profile
Add user as friend: /friend or /ami
View rank: /ranking or /classement
User blocking: /mute
Private message (whisper): /w, /c or /t
Dancing: /dance or /danse
Laugh: /laugh or /rire
cry: /cry
kiss: /kiss
Clan(Tribe) Chat: /t


You give 500 cheese to create a tribe and you can create a tribe with the name you want and invite other mice. They put /t at the beginning of what they write to chat with each other without being in the same room, they use /mt to block messages from the tribe. Tribe members can see which room they are in, even if they are not friends with each other. The founder of the tribe can also make other mice leaders. To exit the tribe, go to the tribe screen and click the X next to the woman. High level and featured free tranformice accounts are published on my website. You can easily log into the game with any of these.


Space = Makes the board, box invisible.
B= It makes a fixed board in the middle. So it can rotate.
V= It makes an additional (additional board) income to the fixed board, but for this you need something to hold it under.
C= Adds fixed board to fixed board.
N=Key makes a motorized rotating joint board or a fixed middle board. The most important feature is that it is motorized.
Z-X=Changes course.


We start with 2 minutes on each map.
If the shaman dies, the duration is automatically reduced to 20 seconds.
if only 1 mouse or 1 mouse and shaman remains, the time is automatically reduced to 20 seconds.
If we are inactive for 30 seconds, we will automatically die.
If we are not active in the game for 10 minutes, we will be automatically kicked out of the game.

Free Transformice Accounts And Passwords 2024 May

If you are looking for a previously used free transformice account, you can get a login from the list below. Since the login information we publish is collected from websites that publish transformice free accounts, there is no problem in using it. However, since the accounts are not suitable for shared use, you need to change the password of the account you are accessing. If you’re having trouble getting a login from the Transformice free accounts list, you can leave a comment.

The list below will be updated daily. You can follow our website for new free transformice accounts.



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