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free twitter accountTwitter is a social media application that first opened in the USA and then to the world in 2006. In this application, you can interact with users or message your friends with messages called tweets. If you are looking for a fake free twitter account for this application, which has millions of active users around the world, you can get a login information from our website. You can do many activities in this application with the active high-follower free twitter accounts and passwords we have published. Many accounts are fake because they are created completely anonymously. And there is no problem in using it.

Free twitter accounts and passwords that are frequently updated on our website are completely legal. You can change the login information of these accounts, many of which were created by our team. If you have trouble getting a Twitter free account, you can write a comment.

Free Twitter Accounts 2022

If you want to use twitter anonymously or if you are having trouble registering, you can browse the free list of old twitter accounts we have published. Most of the free twitter accounts with passwords published on our website have high fake followers. You must change the password when you access any of the free twitter accounts, as these accounts are not suitable for shared use. If you are late to get any of the twitter accounts, you can leave a comment.

Free Twitter AccountPasswords

Twitter Free Account Generator

Twitter Free Account Generator



For twitter accounts, the generator limit is 10.

Things to do to gather a good audience on Twitter

Tips for using Twitter:

  • Cross the word limit by using images.
  • Pin your favorite Tweet to your profile.
  • Post a future tweet.
  • Download all your Twitter data.
  • Bookmark the Tweets you want to read later.
  • Embed a Tweet on your blog or website.
  • Use Dark Mode to not strain your eyes.
  • Activate data saver mode.
  • Create lists to categorize accounts you follow.
  • Make pinpoint searches with the advanced search option.

Cross the word limit using images:

Although Twitter’s word limit is 280 characters, it is possible to share by exceeding this limit somehow. For this, write a text of your desired length on a different application and take a screenshot. After you have cropped it correctly, tweet it by adding a caption if you wish. Thus, you can share what you want without being stuck with the word limit.

Pin your favorite Tweet to your profile:

Every user has a Tweet that they are proud of, happy or think they are telling about themselves. You can add the selected Tweet to the beginning of your profile page by clicking the three-dot button next to a selected Tweet and clicking the Pin to Profile option from the menu that opens, and make it visible to everyone.

To remove the Tweet you pinned to your profile, click on the same three-dot button and this time click on the Unpin From Profile option. If you instead pin a new Tweet to your profile, the previous pinned Tweet will automatically be removed from there. This way you can change your pinned Tweet at any time.

Post a future tweet:

You need an active account, especially if you run a corporate account, but Tweeting around the clock is also a challenge. Twitter has a feature where you can make planned shares without using different applications. Thus, you can send future Tweets.

After writing a Tweet, tap on the little calendar bot you’ll see underneath. Enter in detail on what date and time the tweet will be shared. When you click the Schedule button, the Tweet will be set to be shared on the date and time you have chosen. You can easily do this with the twitter free accounts published on our website.

Download all your Twitter data:

If you want to have at hand all the Tweets you have posted and all the images you have shared, you can achieve this without the need for long efforts. Especially if you are going to close your Twitter account, but you do not want to lose your data, you should definitely use this feature.

To do this, open the Twitter Settings page. Turn on Download an archive of your data. Enter your account password. When you click on the Request archive button, your data will be prepared for download. When it’s ready, all your data will be sent to your e-mail address registered with your Twitter account.

Bookmark the Tweets you want to read later:

Sometimes we are on Twitter just to distract ourselves. When you see a Tweet that is important at a time like this but that you cannot read at the moment or that you want to read later, you can add that Tweet to Bookmarks and browse later. You can also apply this process for Tweets that you want to keep.

To Bookmark a Tweet of your choice, click the share-like button you’ll see below the Tweet. Click on the Add Tweet to Bookmarks option from the menu that opens. You can see this Tweet in the Bookmarks section of your account, as long as it hasn’t been deleted by the person who posted it.

Embed a Tweet on your blog or website:

You can place a Tweet that you have posted or shared by another account on your blog or website so that it can be seen by all your visitors. As with Bookmarks, the Tweet will appear where you add it, unless it’s deleted.

Click the ellipsis button next to the Tweet you want to add to your blog or website. Click Embed Tweet. A different page will open in front of you and here you will find the HTML code of the tweet. By placing this code on your blog or website, you can make the Tweet visible to all your visitors.

Use Dark Mode to not strain your eyes:

Like many social media platforms or mobile apps, Twitter also has a dark mode option. When you touch your profile picture in the Twitter mobile application, you can see this option by touching the light bulb button in the menu that opens. You can choose the one that suits you best from two options offered as dim or full darkness.

Likewise, it is possible to use the dark mode feature on the Twitter website, that is, on the desktop version. For this, click on the More option and click on the Display option from the drop-down menu. From here, you can choose the mode as dim or full dark, as well as change the colors of the Twitter interface.

Activate data saver mode:

The Twitter mobile application that you use over mobile data can sometimes consume a large amount of mobile data as a result of activities such as watching videos. To control this situation, open the Settings, Data Usage page on your mobile application and activate the data saving mode. Thus, you will make sure that you spend a minimum of mobile data while using the Twitter mobile application.

Create lists to categorize accounts you follow:

You may be following accounts that share hundreds of different types of posts on your Twitter account. Such different posts can cause confusion on your homepage. You can have a more organized Twitter experience by creating lists to categorize the people you follow.

Click Lists from the Twitter menu to create a list. Click the Create List button and add a name. Only you can see the lists marked as private, while everyone can see the lists marked as public. Then select the accounts you want to be in the list and click the Done button. To delete the list, simply click the Delete List button on the Edit List screen.

Make pinpoint searches with the advanced search option:

You can use the advanced search option most efficiently on the Twitter desktop version. After performing a search, you will see the Advanced Search option in the left column of the result page. By expanding this option, you will reach the advanced search page with many different search criteria.

On this search page, you can search by specifying the exact word you are looking for, general phrase, alternative words, words that should not be in the content, special tags, language status, sharing account and many more details, and you can pinpoint whatever you are looking for.

Even though Twitter may seem simple, it is a social media platform that turns into an ocean as you delve into its details and learn about its features. Even after many years, it may be difficult to give an expert answer to the question of How to use Twitter, but you can have a much more productive Twitter experience thanks to the important tips you need to know.


It was stated that Twitter will not make this model mandatory for users and users can switch to this model, which has some additional features.

The biggest innovation that Twitter Blue has offered to users will be the “Undo Tweet” feature. Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to undo their shares within a certain period of time after sending a tweet, edit it and reshare it.

A “Reading mode” will also be included in the subscription package, which will make it easier to read long flood tweets.

Twitter Blue; It will also offer a host of additional features such as new theme colors, custom app icons, and the “Collections” feature where you can save and edit favorite tweets.

Although a paid subscription service named Twitter Blue is listed, it has not been actively used yet. No information was given about when this feature will be available to users.

All of the free twitter accounts we publish on our website have high followers and interactions. You can change the password for these accounts or share it with someone.

Free Twitter Accounts And Passwords 2024 June

If you are looking for a free account for the twitter application with millions of active users, our website is the right address for you. You can easily access this application with twitter free accounts and passwords updated every day. The list of free twitter accounts we publish below will be updated daily. If you have any problems getting an account, you can leave a comment or check our website again later. Some of these twitter free fake accounts were created by our website. Some of them were collected by checking from websites that publish free twitter accounts. After accessing any account, you can use Twitter without any problems by changing the password.



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