Free Windscribe Premium Accounts 2022 | 1 Month Login & Passwords

windscribe vpn premium accountsWindscribe is a vpn service that is active in many countries. We have published free login information for the Windscribe vpn service, which is preferred by many for its high-speed efficiency. Free Windscribe premium accounts and passwords provide high speed vpn service. You can benefit from premium vpn service without having to pay for 1 month. Make the most of this vpn service by getting any of the free windscribe premium accounts and passwords we’ve posted below!

Windscribe premium accounts and passwords are perfectly legal. Because some of these accounts consist of trial memberships. Some of them were collected from websites that publish windscribe premium accounts. These accounts, which are checked before publication, consist of 100% working login information. Now use this vpn series by getting one of the free windscirbe premium accounts.

Free Windscribe Premium Accounts 2022

You can browse the windiscribe accounts we have published to experience a premium vpn experience for free. Windscribe vpn premium accounts and passwords are completely free. All login information includes at least 1 month trial membership. You can change your login details so you can use free windscribe premium accounts securely. These accounts that we publish will be updated and published frequently. If you’re late getting a free Windscribe premium account, you can leave a comment.

Free Windscribe Premium AccountsPasswords

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For free windscribe premium accounts, the generator limit is 4.

What are the Advantages of Windscribe Vpn?

What is Windscribe VPN?

Windscribe, whose name we have heard frequently, especially in the last few years, is among the popular services. One of the biggest reasons for this is that it also offers users a free option. One of the things we see when you first look at the service is that it is based in Canada. Since Canada is one of the Five Eyes member countries, you may be skeptical at first glance. You can check one of the lists on our website for free windscribe premium accounts.

Which Devices Is It Compatible With? How to Use?

When we browse the website of the application, we see that it supports quite a lot of platforms. It can be used in operating systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux. In addition, the application for mobile iOS and Android versions are also available. There is also a Blackberry joke on the download page.

In addition to operating systems, we see that Opera is supported with popular browser add-ons such as Chrome and Firefox. In addition to all these popular platforms, it also supports popular modems along with applications such as Amazon FireTV, Nvidia Shield, although it is not available in our country.

For the Windscribe review, we discussed macOS and iOS applications. One of the nice things about the service is that it allows unlimited simultaneous connections. A similar feature was encountered during the Surfshark review .

Computers (Mac, Windows and Linux)

After installing the application, we see that it has a very small and simple interface. The application is added as an icon to the menu bar and almost all operations can be done from an extremely small window.

After logging in to the website of the application, you do not need to log in to the application, and the server list comes directly to you. There are notifications and settings and Firewall feature on the screen of the application.

This may be a minus for some users. In addition, as we said, there is not much on the home screen and users need to search for some features. After installing the program on your computer, you can log in with a free windscribe account.

Portable Devices (iOS and Android)

Windscribe Android app works on Android 4.2.2 and above devices and iOS app works on iOS 10 and above devices. The application is easily available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store.

After logging in to the application, you can continue without logging in and benefit from the free plan, or you can log in with your account and take advantage of the features included in the paid package.

Just like the website and desktop applications, the Windscribe iPhone application also does not have German language support. When we look at the interface of the application, it has certain elements just like the computer version.

On the main screen of the application, there is a list of servers, power button, current IP information, settings section and notifications section.

Users can also easily access the servers they have added to their favorites or the static IPs they have determined from the server list.

As soon as you open the application, the permission to add VPN configuration is displayed on iOS devices. If you do not grant this permission, you cannot use the VPN service.

That’s why you need to allow this the first time you open the application. In the settings section, there are general settings, account information, connection information, system logs, help page and the option to log out of the account.

Is Windscribe Safe? Does It Guarantee My Privacy?

One of the reasons we use a VPN is to securely access the free internet. Today, the diversification and increase in the number of devices connected to the Internet also creates an increasing need for security. It is essential to use a VPN in order to keep the internet history private and to browse the internet anonymously. You can take a look at the windscribe premium accounts on our website on this subject.

Strong Encryption Algorithm

Windscribe desktop applications encrypt your internet traffic, preventing it from being eavesdropped by third parties such as internet service provider or cyber attackers. It does this with the AES-256 encryption algorithm, which is considered the standard in the VPN industry. It protects the encryption keys with 4096-bit RSA. In this way, the key required to open your encrypted internet traffic is constantly changing.

The application’s browser plugins use AES-128-GCM encryption. Although it is not as strong an encryption method as AES-256, we can still say that browser add-ons also provide significant security. For a secure application, our website publishes free windscribe vpn premium accounts. You can test this yourself by getting a login.

DNS/IP Leak Test

No matter how secure the VPN service you use is or how good the encryption method is, if it causes DNS leaks, this security doesn’t matter. With DNS leak, internet service providers can view all your DNS queries and record your internet history.

When we look at the result of the DNS leak test, we see that there is no leak. We can say that the application is successful in this regard.

No Logs Policy

One of the most important features of a VPN service is its no-logs policy. Because this is something that can expose your privacy. That’s why we look at the no-log policies of VPN services when we review and evaluate them for you.

When we look at the Windscribe website, we see that they do not collect any data that will form the profile of the users. According to the site’s description, VPN sessions, source IP address and visited websites are never recorded.

On the other hand, the amount of data used in the last thirty days and the date of the last activity in the VPN network are recorded. According to the statement on the site, the reason for this is to follow the monthly 10 GB usage limit of free users.

However, as we mentioned before, the service is based in Canada and Canada is one of the Five Eyes countries. These countries share information among themselves and this can be troublesome for users. Canada also takes a firm stance against piracy and copyright infringement. Therefore, this can be a negative situation, especially for users who care about their privacy.

How to Torrent with Windscribe?

There is no server specified for P2P sharing in the server list of the application. When we checked the website, we saw that there is no problem in torrenting with Windscribe. For P2P sharing, you can connect to any server and share.

In the server list of the application, it is shown that P2P sharing is not allowed next to some servers. Sharing can be done from the remaining servers. However, we were not successful when we tried several servers. If you intend to use torrents with this service, you need to try several times to find the servers you will connect to.

While we were reviewing Windscribe, we tried it a few times and then we started downloading. In many VPN services, servers where you can share P2P are specifically specified. We expected something like this to happen. In addition, the low connection speed showed itself once again in downloading.

Can I Access Restricted Sites with Windscribe?

Although internet censorship in some countries is not as severe as China, Iran or Russia, it is among the countries with the most blocked sites. For this reason, many users have to try different ways to access the website they want.

Some of these ways may be to change IP or DNS, but these solutions are not sure and permanent, and they also risk security. The safest way to access censored sites is to use a VPN.

The app is one of the few VPN services that works in China. However, you may not be able to access the site there. Therefore, our recommendation is to install the VPN application on the computer before going to China. You can predict potential problems by testing before you go.

How Can I Buy Windscribe? Prices and Payment Options

The service offers users three different options. In the free version, users can use a maximum of 10 GB per month. In addition, the number of services that can be connected is also very low. That’s why we don’t find the free plan very useful. The biggest reason for this is that it endanger your security as well as limited use. In addition to the free plan, there is also a monthly and annual plan. You can browse the free windscribe accounts on our website to avoid paying any fees.

  • Monthly Plan: $9.00
  • Annual Plan: Monthly $4.08

Windscirbe Free Premium Accounts 2024 April

Due to the intense interest in the windscribe vpn accounts we publish on our website, we have published an additional list. The list of free windscribe premium accounts and passwords we publish below will be updated daily. Since these accounts are not suitable for shared use, you can change the password of the windscribe premium accounts you access. If you’re late getting a free windscribe premium account, you can leave a comment.

Published free windscribe premium accounts and passwords are completely legal. You can use at least 1 month free windscribe premium account membership by accessing any of them.



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