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Free Wolfteam Accounts 2022

Most of the login information in this list consists of pro wolfteam accounts. You can change the password after you get any of the free wolfteam accounts with lots of special character and next generation items.   If you’re late getting an account, you can write a comment.

Wolfteam Free AccountPasswords

Wolfteam Account Generator

Wolfteam Account Generator



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Wolfteam Review

Professional Wolf Game – Wolfteam Review

We reviewed Wolfteam, the most famous game of the MMOFPS world, made by Softnyx Game and published by Joygame, Turkey’s most famous game company, for you, our followers. Let’s take a look at Wolfteam, which has written its name in gold letters in the world of MMOFPS.

Wolfteam, which debuted in 2009, soon caught more players than expected. Let’s take a closer look at the differences in the game modes of Wolfteam, which has managed to become the favorite of all game lovers with its two races (Human and Mutation Wolf) and different game modes, and let’s learn together what is the event that differentiates the game modes.

game modes

Wide variety with Invasion, Destruction, s2 Destruction, Death Game, Death Game C, Wolf Versus Wolf, Sleep mode, Ex Invasion, Knife mode, Sniper mode, Heavy weapon mode, Wolf hunting, Wolf hunting C, Gun mode and Wolf Invasion mode A game with game modes. If you want to fight with a good character in this game mode, you can take a look at the free Wolf accounts on my website.

occupation mode

Wolfteam Invasion mode is a game mode that is won by players capturing the bases located at certain distances of the map. You need to capture the most bases in a given time.

demolition mode

Players killed in demolition mode cannot be included in the game again. Demolition mode is determined by the player who set up the game room as 3 wins, 6 wins and 9 wins. The red team can win the game by installing bombs in certain parts of the game (b1, b2). The blue team can win by destroying the bomb or by killing all the red team players before the bomb is set.

S2 Demolition mode

In S2 Demolition mode, blue team players play as wolves and red team players play as humans. The red team players can win the game by killing all the blue team players who are wolves, or they can win the game by installing bombs in certain areas (b1, b2) in the game and preventing the blue team wolf from destroying the bomb until the bomb explodes. Blue team players must destroy all red team players to win the game.

Death game

It is the most played mode of the game. As in classic FPS games, it is a game mode that can be won by killing as many players as the manager who sets up the game room. In the death game mode, you can turn into a werewolf or fight with your weapons as a human.

Death Game C

It is a human versus human game mode. Classic FPS games are like modes. The game is won by killing as many players as the number chosen by the manager who set up the game room.

Wolf Versus Wolf

It is a game mode played as a werewolf against a werewolf. It is one of the popular game modes in the game. iy is a game mode that can be won by killing werewolves according to the number of werewolf kills selected by the manager player who established the game room. You can get the strongest wolf in this game with one of the free form accounts on our website.

sleep mode

You can revive the player who died in sleep mode. You can win the game by killing all the players. In sleep mode, you can play as a human or a Werewolf.

Sleep Mode C

Sleep C mode is only a human versus human mode. It is a game mode that can be won by killing all the players of the opposing team.

Blade Mode

Knife mode is a mode that is usually played on small maps. In this mode, which does not contain werewolves, you can only fight as a human. It is a game mode that is played knife-to-knife, not using scanned weapons, pistols, etc. It is a game mode that is won by stabbing players as many times as the number of player kills selected by the manager player who set up the game room.

Sniper Mode

Sniper mode is a game mode played on large maps. As in Blade mode, this mode does not contain Werewolves. In this mode, you don’t have a chance to use a scanned weapon just as a human. It is a game mode that you can win by taking long-range Sniper weapons and killing the player as many times as the player selected by the founding player of the game room.

Heavy Weapons Mod

Heavy weapon mode is a game mode played on large maps. There is no option to become a wolf in this mode. You cannot fight with submachine guns in this mode. It is an enjoyable game mode that is fought with bazooka type weapons. In this game mode, you can successfully complete the mode by killing as many players as the game room founder player chooses.

Wolf Hunt

In the wolf hunting game mode, the game randomly chooses two players as the king wolf. The wolves in this mode are very different and their colors are black. The king wolf fights against the people, and the people he kills turn into werewolves and help the king wolf. It is really a very enjoyable game mode.

Wolf Hunt C

In Wolf Hunt C game mode, a king wolf is selected as in the wolf hunt mode, and the selected king wolf tries to kill all people and attract them to his side, but the difference in this game mode is that it can suck blood. Players suck life for every bullet they fire at the king wolf, of course, the king wolf’s claw throws at every human gives health to the king wolf.

Gun mode (Pistol mode)

In this mode, you can only fight with guns, bombs and knives. To win this mode, you need to kill as many players as the number of player kills selected by the game room creator.

Ex Occupation Mode

In the Ex invasion game mode, players can play as both werewolves and humans, but in this mode, players have to decide what they should be at first. The Ex invasion mode, which is gained by capturing the headquarters in certain parts of the game, is also very enjoyable to play.

After taking a look at the game modes, it would be beneficial for you, our readers, to keep an eye on the wolves in the game. Let’s take a look at what these famous wolves are, and then let’s take a closer look from the first generation characters to the fourth generation characters. To be successful in this game mode, you can take a look at the free form accounts we have published.

Guard Wolf

It can be said that the guard Kurt Wolfteam is the apple of the eye of the players. The guardian wolf, the big brother of the game, is a very slow wolf, but has 850 life points.

Ghost Wolf

Ghost Wolf is a wolf that is often preferred by players. He has the ability to invisibility and is a wolf with strong attacks at normal speed.

Clever Wolf

He is the fastest wolf in the game. It is said to be the most loved wolf by the players, although it has the lowest health, it can hurt with the spare life points it collects and can come across you at any time because it has the ability to hang on the wall, in short, it is small, but it achieves great things.

Ghost Wolf 2

It is the advanced version of the ghost wolf. it can be partially invisible while running. it is the most sneaky wolf in the game. It can do very solid damage.

Wild wolf

Undoubtedly, the wolf that surprises with the feature of the game is the wild wolf. Because he can risk death for the sake of killing the opposing player and can kill both the opposing player and himself by detonating himself.

Crazy wolf

The crazy wolf is a hunchbacked wolf, it is a wolf with a special ability, it can pull you up to its side with its special ability. And it can destroy with a few claws, it is one of the wolves to be considered.

Ice Wolf

This wolf, whose hands and feet are made of ice, is undoubtedly the most dangerous wolf in the game and needs attention. He can freeze you by throwing the ice in his hand, thus slowing you down and killing you.

We also told about the wolves in the game, and now it is useful to share the stories of the 4 generations of characters we mentioned above with you. Free wolf accounts that can use ice wolf for 1 month have been published on our website.

Wolfteam System Requirements

Below are the specifications of the computer you need to have to play Wolfteam. While the lowest system features are listed in the first place, the computer required to get the best images from the game is shown below.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 2000
  • Processor: Pentium 1.4 GHz
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Video Card: 256 MB GeForce 5700
  • Storage: 2GB

Recommended System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP SP3 – Vista SP2 – Win 7 and above
  • Processor: Pentium 4 (2.2 GHz)
  • Memory: 2GB RAM
  • Video Card: 512 MB GeForce 6800
  • Storage: 2GB

How To Become A Wolfteam Member?

If you want to play the world famous online action game Wolfteam, you must first become a member. All you need to become a member of Wolfteam is an e-mail account that has not been used in Wolfteam before. If you have an e-mail account, you can start your membership process immediately.

If you do not have an e-mail account, obtain an e-mail address from services that provide free e-mail accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail, Mynet.

Then go here>

Fill in the registration form as you see above. It’s a little difficult to find a previously unused Wombman username, but you can find it by trial and error.

In the Password field, enter an unpredictable and unforgettable password. Then enter your e-mail account. Finally, enter the security code. After completing the form, press the “Register Now” button.

After this process, open your e-mail account and confirm the activation e-mail sent to you by joygame. That’s it for the registration process. Now you can play with this account. If you are having difficulty registering, you can check out the free Wolfgang accounts on our website.

Wolfteam Free Accounts 2024 May

Wolfteam is perhaps one of the most advanced online games in terms of graphics. With impressive effects and characters, many players want to have special wolves. That’s why our website shared free wolfteam accounts with special items. This shared login information will be updated frequently and published on our website. If you’re late getting a free wolfteam account, you can write a comment.



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