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pokemon go free accountPokemon go is a pokemon finding game with augmented reality. This game, which is very popular, has been highly appreciated by many players and has managed to gather a large audience in a short time. We have released accounts with at least level 15 for this game, which encourages people to look for pokemon street by street. With these free pokemon go accounts and passwords we have published, you will have many pokemon. Because the accounts we publish consist of at least level 15 pokemon go login information. Therefore, by having any of the pokemon go accounts, you get special pokemon. If you are a pokemon fan, you can check out the id pokemon go free list we have published.

Pokemon go accounts and passwords are completely legal. You can easily use this login information obtained from websites that publish many pokemon go free accounts. Get up to 1 free pokemon go account as accounts are limited. If you are late in getting an account, you can write a comment.

Free Pokemon Go accounts 2022

In pokemon go, which has millions of players, if you want to have a special pokemon, you have to make a lot of effort. Because special pokemon usually hide in secret places and are very difficult to obtain. Or by getting one of the free pokemon go accounts on our website, you can have many pokemon at once. Most of the pokemon go free ids and passwords we publish are between level 15 and 30. After accessing any one, you can easily use it by changing the password.

The list of free pokemon go accounts and passwords is updated frequently. If you are having trouble getting an account, you can leave a comment.

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Pokemon Go Account Generator

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For pokemon accounts, the generator limit is 6.

How to Obtain Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go? - Pokemon Go Tips

How to Play Pokemon Go

First of all, you need to turn on your GPS to move in Pokemon Go. Then you have to move forward and change places by going to different locations from your current location. You come across pokemon at certain distances and if it works for you, you try to catch them by clicking on them. There are two different pokemon catching styles in the game. First, your camera opens, and at the distance the camera sees, the pokemon appears to be anywhere, as if it were where you are.

This case, which is thought to add realism to the game, does nothing but eat your phone’s charge. Therefore, if you want, you can return to normal mode by pressing the “AR” button located just above the screen. You can advance through the animation by pressing this mode. Playing this way makes much more sense in terms of charging. You can join this game with the free pokemon go accounts we have published.

How Do I Evolve My Pokemon?

Power potions called “Stardust” are required to evolve Pokemon. You provide these potions by constantly catching pokemon and collecting points around you. It is also given automatically when you level up. To see which pokemon turns into what, you can get information by clicking on the Pokedex.

Pokemon Transfer

As you wander around, you will see that there are the same pokemon that you have, and yet you come across them many times. Getting these pokemon is useful on the one hand, and useless on the other. The benefit is that if you take that pokemon and send it to the professor for review, it gives you 1 candy belonging to that pokemon. You can improve your pokemon with that candy. Thou are wasting your poke balls for no use. You may experience a poke ball attack. That’s why you should make a good decision whether to catch the same type of pokemon or not. To send pokemon to the professor, you log in to the profile of the pokemon you want to send. Then you can send the pokemon by clicking “Transfer to Profesor” at the bottom. Then your gift is given to you.

How Do I Fight?

In order to fight with your opponents, you first need to see a stadium like the one in the picture on your map. Everyone who plays Pokemon GO has their own stadium. You can fight by going around this stadium. However, if you go into battle without examining your opponents’ strengths, you may lose a favorite pokemon. You can get one of the free pokemon go accounts to play with the best characters.

What Do the Blue Marks on the Map Do?

You will see a lot of blue icons on the map. When you go near these icons, you can win free poke ball, healing medicine or revival potion. Once you get the blue ring, you can get it again after five minutes. I think this is a flaw of the game. To get the gifts in these rings, you need to turn them quickly. If you are far from the ring, you will receive a warning “This Pokestop is too far away”.

What Does the Pokemon Icon on the Right of the Map Do?

When you click on the pokemon icon you see on the right side of your map, you will see the list of pokemon hidden around you. To catch these Pokemon, you will have to wander around a bit. If you’re lucky, you can find the pokemon you want this way.

What Items Can You Get in Pokemon Go Game?

When your Pokemon are weak while fighting, it is possible to find drugs to heal them and items such as poke seekers that will allow you to catch more Pokemon. If you want to play pokemon with ready-made items, get one of the previously used free pokemon go accounts.

What is the Meaning of Green Leaves on the Map?

These leaves simply mean there are pokemon near you. However, these pokemon have a chance to escape while you go there. Unlike the Nearby feature, these leaves also show you where the Pokemon is on the map.

Pokemon Go Game Terms

It’s also important to know some terms while playing Pokemon Go. When you learn these terms, you can play the game much more efficiently.

Achievement; There are some missions and stages in the game. When you pass these stages, you earn badges and they will be visible on your profile.

Dodge; It is a flexibility tool that helps your pokemon to survive the attack of the opponent pokemon during battle.

Berry; It is one of the most important tools used in catching Pokemon. You can catch wild pokemon surrounded by yellow rings, which are difficult to catch, more easily thanks to these blackberries.
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What is CP?

It stands for Combat power, an information that shows the fighting power of this pokemon. It shows how powerful a hit it can make compared to the opponent pokemon. The CP of the Pokemon caught in the first levels is usually quite low. The more you level up, the stronger the pokemon you encounter. If you want to play with a strong pokemon, I suggest you take a look at the id pokemon go free list we have published.

What is Gym?

They are gyms where Pokemon players gather to fight. The strongest player of the GYM becomes the leader of the place. The trainer must be at least level 5 in-game before starting anything gym-related. If your level is sufficient, you can access almost all the features of Gyms. There are some advantages to assigning a Pokemon to a Gym. You can use your Pokemon to defend or capture that Gym. In addition, you can earn critical rewards that will be needed to strengthen the pokemon. Another advantage is that you can increase the prestige level of the Gym, making it more difficult to take over.

What is Nearby?

Located in the right corner of the game map, Nearby (nearby) allows you to find pokemon from paw prints and gives a list of hidden pokemon near you.

  • Single Paw Mark: It means that that Pokemon is within 50 meters of you. In other words, the type closest to you are the pokemon with this symbol.
  • Two Paw Marks: This represents the Pokemon around 51-100 meters.
  • Three Paw Marks: Pokemon up to 200 meters are indicated by this mark. You can’t see the more distant Pokemon types in the “nearby” option anyway.

How to Catch Pikachu at Game Start?

Do not catch the first pokemon that appears while playing Pokemon GO. At this time, the pokemon will increase to three, but you have to wait for 10 minutes before you get any of them. In the meantime, move around a few steps and continue searching. After about 10 minutes, you will see Pikachu appear. Now you know how to catch pokemon. If you’re new to the game, get one of the top pokemon go level 40 accounts free from our website.

What Will the Pokemon Go Plus Wristband Do?

One of the most important assets of Pokemon Go will be the Plus bracelet. This bracelet is designed to save us from the problem of constantly checking the phone. In addition, the function of the bracelet will of course be to catch the pokemon. So basically, we can say that it will act as the Poke Ball you know.

It may seem a little funny to wear the bracelet with a poke ball in the style of the location icon as a design in daily life. Imagine if we were walking around with these bracelets at school. It may be a little absurd to have this bracelet on the arm of teachers, bosses, on the arm of huge people. That’s why it’s best to carry it in your pocket.

As for the price, it is said that it can vary between 30 and 50 dollars. However, the price is not clear. It is not yet certain whether the game will be played without it. Our guess is that the game will be playable of course, but since the bracelet has an extra contribution to the game, it seems that we will need to buy it in the future. Let’s wait and see how this bracelet, which will definitely be in demand in the Far East, will be sold in our country.


If you haven’t been in a cave for the last 20 years, you’ve encountered Pokemon before somehow. But if you haven’t played their games, it may seem like an incomprehensible world for you.
Dozens of video games in series, cartoons, playing cards, boards, the kid who thought he was a Pikachu and jumped out the window… It may all sound very confusing, but in general, it’s about walking around collecting weird animals called pokemon.

Players create their own Pokemon team to use in battle later. When they win the battle, they use the “Poke Ball” to catch the opponent pokemon. But unlike in the real world, i.e. instead of creatures that are terribly angry at you for catching, you have a pokemon attached to you.
New pokemon have been added to this universe over the years. Currently, there are 751 types of pokemon, from Pidgey, which looks like a wild bird, to Mewtwo, which looks like an alien.

As much as catching Pokemon, it is also important to train your catches, raise their level, strengthen them, and use their new abilities. This is mostly done through wars. If you can’t catch Pokemon, you can get one of the free pokemon go accounts on my website.

Pokemon GO Free Account And Password List ( Updated On May 23, 2024 )

At, we aim to find the free login information that many users who visit us are looking for. That’s why we’re constantly sharing more login information. However, some of our visitors may have difficulty in getting the account information they are looking for. For this, we have decided to store some of the accounts that we will publish on our website. From now on, we will store some of the accounts we have and publish some directly. The list of free pokemon go accounts and passwords below will be updated daily with new login information added. In this way, we will share the accounts we have with more users. You can get one of the login information in the list to access one of the free pokemon go account level 15, 18, 23 accounts.

New pokemon go free accounts will be added to the list by updating accounts every day. If you are late in getting an account, you can write a comment.



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